Token4Token Explained
Whether you’re trying to increase your user base, create symbiotic relationships with complimentary projects, or strengthen your portfolio by swapping the balance of your remaining tokens before launch; we can help!

Our mission is to connect projects that want to leverage their token offering through diversification of their long term holdings, and strengthen the blockchain ecosystem through collaborative digital asset exchanges.

We bring potential token swap partners together in one place so you can spend less time chasing dead ends and more time improving your business.

Every profile on our platform was created by someone like you, who’s already realized a mutually beneficial swap may be the best decision they haven’t made yet!

Ready to create a profile, browse your potential token swap partners, connect with other projects, discuss terms, and get help from our staff? Go ahead, it’s FREE!

Ready to pay a bunch of money for our service? Sorry, but we ONLY accept your native token and ONLY if you make a swap agreement.

It’s a Simple Process

t4t explained 1
Register your Project with Token4Token
our team of industry professionals will analyze your project and present you with potential swap partners
t4t explained 2
Choose Which Projects Appeal to You
we will reach out to those projects to see if there is mutual interest
t4t explained 3
Introductions are Made and Terms are Reached
both projects discuss the terms for a potential swap; including number of tokens involved, disbursement amounts and time-frames as well as potential lockup periods
t4t explained 4
Sign and Send
both parties sign an exchange of digital assets agreement which is created using the agreed upon terms
t4t explained 5
Smart Contract
we will create a smart-contract where both parties send their tokens for automated disbursement using the details of the agreement mentioned above